The first travelers looking for luxury on the Nile, added comfort measures to the felucca, a wooden boat with its handmade genuine sails, to give the new version, DAHABIYA "golden boat", name given by a monarch in the 19th century.
With dahabiya avoid the noise of the 20 century and allows us to explore Egypt of the 19 century with modern facilities.

Dahabiya is a famous name among the Egyptians, especially the elderly and intellectuals . Dahabiya, refers to a type of boats that were used by the royal family in ancient Egypt and many of the aristocrats in their movements in the waters of the Nile

The trip itinerary blends the historical and mystical elements of landscape with peace and quiet of the sailboat as you dreamed.

Not only, tranquility and peace but also the exclusive travel with family and friends


During full 15 months of effort and hopes came out the Miran Dahabiya for the first time in 2009, mixing the dream of traveling the Nile fascinating and responsibility of caring led us to invest in Miran.

The construction of Miran is hand made with traditional tools of the last century by a local craftsman, you see his art in each piece and every corner.

To enjoy the river Nile and the Egyptian civilization, Miran is prepared with 04 cabins with twin beds and 02 for honeymoon, current of 220 voltage, air conditioning, international and local cuisine

Dahabiya Miran Staff

Although every one knows his job and do it very good to manage and move our boat , we all gether in one thing that it does not matter what is your work on board to make the client happy and to let him enjoy his stay on board of our Dahabiya Nile cruise. We all consider it our home and we would like that every clients feels the same . we like to gain but we try to extend our family members.

Gomaa Dahabiya Capitan

Gomaa The Capitan

Ahmed Dahabiya Chieff

Ahmed The Chieff

Amr Dahabiya Host

Amr The Host

Abd El Reheem Dahabiya Sailer

Abd-El-Reheem Sailer

Ashraf Dahabiya Sailer

Ashraf Sailer

Boozo Dahabiya Sailer

Boozo Sailer